We help new and existing teams – from start-up founders to Executive Boards – work better together by adopting high performance principles and practices. We are able to achieve this through our highly skilled and experienced team and our unique access to Leander Club and a double Olympic Gold medallist.


Leander Club is one of British Rowing’s high performance training centres and the most successful Olympic sports club in the world, having won more Olympic medals than any other. As such, it is a great living exemplar of high performance culture in action: individuals, teams, leaders and systems (the “Club”) working at their best.

Spending time at Leander gives all teams a visceral experience and understanding of an elite world of performance. This first hand experience provides insights into the high performance principles and practices deployed by the world’s best rowers, which can be applied to other teams of leaders turning intent into agreed sets of behaviours and actions.

An overnight stay in the Leander clubhouse completes the ‘submersion effect’ in the rowing world, as well maximising both the formal and informal time the team spends together; in our experience the latter is an important part to the Leander experience working at its best.


Before you visit

To get the best out of the opportunity, we will spend time with the team – individually and collectively – to understand the context and the aims, to identify assumptions, to explore what works well today, and select and target a few practices and behaviours to commit to i.e. those that will make the biggest difference to this particular group.

When you arrive

At Leander, you will be given a tour of Leander Club clubhouse and training facilities. This will be led by Steve Williams OBE, double Olympic Gold Medallist who will share his own stress-tested experiences of the techniques, routines, codes etc. used by the rowers.

Either at Leander, or for larger groups, at Dorney Lakes, you are given a unique opportunity  to stress-test the rowing high performance principles themselves in deliberate practice, coached by Steve Williams.

In the evening there is also the option of dinner at the Leander Clubhouse.

Dorney Lake is the London 2012 Olympic Regatta Centre and is also better equipped to get larger groups into rowing boats. It is a 20 minute drive from Leander Club in Henley-on-Thames.

After your visit

Individual Leadership Coaching continues after the event to help each team member better understand how they – as individuals and as a team – are impacting other peoples’ ability to be great contributors to their wider organisation. These are performed over the subsequent months at regular intervals by our performance coaches.

These interventions act as progress reviews, supporting each team member in doing what they said they were going to do – and helping develop skills and high performance practices (e.g. new feedback approaches).

To find out more please contact us.