Enabling and promoting growth in teams and individuals.

We support and advise businesses and start-ups with: 

High performing team development

We help new and existing teams work better together by adopting high performance principles and practices that become agreed behaviours that the whole team commit to

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Leadership development & coaching

We coach and develop leaders to help fulfil their potential, maximise their leadership impact and optimise business performance.


Skills development & training

We run a range of leadership and management skills development programmes including psychometric profiling, facilitation training, storyboarding and presentation skills, and personal effectiveness.

  • I have been coached by Charlie over a 6 month period. Eighteen months after starting my business I realized that the direction that the business was developing was not full reflected in the brand and proposition but was struggling to know where to start. Charlie's non directive coaching style alongside his commercial skills meant that each session, I came to some clear conclusions and took away actions to implement. I have made some fundamental changes in how I approach my business planning which is already showing results, and have clear ideas on the next steps I need to achieve over the next year.

    Clare Williams Loxley Business Support
  • I have just come back from the innocent 13th annual nature weekend and I can attest to that culture being the strongest it has ever been! Quite amazing to see how much time and energy and good spirits people put into it.  It really was the best one yet. And you deserve a lot of credit for that culture – your approach to L&D and the crafting of a series of training experiences that blended the unique innocent approach with the latest in personal development thinking added hugely to how the company runs and its intellectual and emotional intelligence. So thank you v much.

    Richard Reed Founder – innocent Drinks
  • Thanks very much to both of you for a great session last week. I've always found Myers Briggs really interesting, but you definitely brought something new. I thought the session was really well managed in a way that showed the differences (sometimes in between teams) in a very open way and I think it will really help the way we work together. Plus it was great fun... but then again, I am an extrovert!  

    Helen Flaherty Tails
  • I have loved working with you over the years, you have made such an important and natural contribution to the development of the business and the many hundreds of people whose development you have helped shape. I was also always very grateful for your ability to take the temperature of the business or a specific team and help guide us to where and what action was needed.  You were innocent through and through and that is the best accolade I can give you – thank you, you will be missed and I do hope our paths cross again.

    Douglas Lamont CEO - innocent Drinks
  • Facilitation of cross-functional and diverse groups requires the enthusiastic, motivating and natural leadership style delivered confidently by Charlie. He is a must-have asset when targeting success.

    Oli Taylor Chief Engineer – Nexcel