A working prototype in 24 hours


Having successfully designed and delivered a number of visioning, strategy and innovation workshops for this global commodities business over recent years, the focus for one division turned more towards successful execution across international markets. One particular challenge was how best to adopt new technologies to improve efficiency and competitiveness whilst building organisational confidence in their successful adoption and deployment.


Working closely with the leadership team, we designed and facilitated an engaging two day workshop for 35 international delegates, working with a range of media, in plenary and in teams. This included a dedicated technology team, with external experts bought in to ‘hot house’ the key requirements and build a working prototype within the 36 hour window.


The five teams each developed robust 12 month plans, underpinned by clear risks, assumptions and financials, all aligned to the broader organisational strategy. These were ‘pitched’ to a visiting Board member with a request for support and / or investment. The technology team’s (winning!) pitch included a working prototype of a tool that will reduce costs and workloads for teams – and has since been developed and rolled out to staff across the globe.