Creating vision and aligning mission


Ergonomic Solutions is a UK based company with a manufacturing facility in Denmark founded in 1996 that designs and develops technology mounting solutions for a wide range of devices across many sectors including retail, hospitality and transportation.  After previous innovation sessions had been facilitated by non-exec directors, the CEO was seeking an outside facilitator to bring different approaches and strategic thinking, and enable their NEDs to be part of the conversation.


We worked closely with the CEO and his team to design and facilitate a two day residential workshop for 20 Executives, NEDs and Business Leaders from across Europe. This involved a series of bespoke exercises that enabled the group to have a productive, strategic conversation about the future landscape, potential growth opportunities and priorities, and to take a fresh look at the organisational resources today. The workshop outputs were captured and distilled, creating a succinct output from the event thereby achieving the original the outputs, with the full support of the leadership team.


Over two days, the leadership team aligned on the core purpose of the organisation, before creating an ambitious vision, supported by strategic goals and prioritised plans. This process helped drive out assumptions and ‘blind spots’, helping to identify new growth opportunities and priorities. In the following 9 months, the vision, mission and strategy have been communicated to teams across Europe and the organisation has delivered its best queerly results in over 30 years of trading.