Planning for the long term


In parallel to the existing planning cycle, the UK Executive Team needed to spend time together thinking about the longer term horizon.  To have a shared, common understanding of the most important external dynamics impacting our organisation and industry in the coming years


Having helped clarify the specific objectives for the session, we developed a draft workshop agenda and prepared an initial set of Future Agenda stimulus material – a series of future informed insights collated from the world’s largest open foresight programme.  The focus for this session was ‘the future of privacy and personal data’ – and the stimulus material become the key input to the workshop.

We also designed and reviewed templates and supporting material with the client, before facilitating and writing up this insightful, thought-provoking session.


The workshop was a great success, helping to ‘level set’ the group, providing a shared understanding of the most important external dynamics impacting Experian over the coming years. We identified and developed 3 exciting market opportunities and identified major threats facing the organisation and the industry. Next steps, owners and accountability were clearly established during the workshop – and we provided a comprehensive write-up of the event.

Charlie Curson is a core member of Future Agenda.


  • Thanks for this but more importantly thank you for your excellent session that kick started our strategy workshop.  Everyone was very complimentary and it stretched our thinking whilst also feeling very relevant.

    Jon Roughley Head of Strategy - Experian Credit Services UK&I