Identifying growth opportunities


Declining yields in the airline industry and pressure to extract more value from airline services, combined with the growth of alternative in flight entertainment options, was presenting challenging future prospects for Global Eagle Entertainment, who wanted to explore a range new growth opportunities around the Future of the Travel experience.


Through a series of workshops, focus groups and interviews with leading industry experts, Mandarin developed an informed view of the future travel experience and identified a range of potential growth opportunity areas – each area was assessed for potential market value and the complexity of market entry, to identify a number of different strategic options. The optimum response was illustrated, including ambition, underpinning proposition and associated value of the opportunity to Global Eagle.


The process of exploring the future landscape created a change in attitudes towards the future growth prospects and potential ambition of the organisation. The team developed a board presentation for the board, as part of a broader approach to generate consensus and agreement on key next steps.