Developing future leaders


After years of fast paced growth, innocent drinks had recruited a team of high potential individuals from a range of diverse backgrounds. As the business expanded they recognised that many of these people lacked any formal leadership development and wanted to find a solution that would fit with the culture of the organisation and the plans for the future, not an ‘off the shelf’ solution.


By assembling a team of people from both within the organisation and external experts, Mandarin developed the innocent leadership academy. It was based firmly in the long term vision and strategy of the business and focussed on the needs of this unique group of employees – very high potential with a lack of any formal development or training.


As a result of the roll out of the leadership academy, several members of the team were promoted into leadership positions, a coaching culture was established in the business and the pipeline for the future board members was increased. The programme also increased the engagement levels within the management and leadership populations.

  • I have just come back from the innocent 13th annual nature weekend and I can attest to that culture being the strongest it has ever been! Quite amazing to see how much time and energy and good spirits people put into it.  It really was the best one yet. And you deserve a lot of credit for that culture – your approach to L&D and the crafting of a series of training experiences that blended the unique innocent approach with the latest in personal development thinking added hugely to how the company runs and its intellectual and emotional intelligence. So thank you v much.

    Richard Reed Founder – innocent Drinks
  • I worked as Sally's Manager at innocent drinks from May 2007 until April 2012. During that time Sally was consistently rated as an 'outstanding' member of the team in all of her annual performance reviews. She was a highly valued individual who always went above and beyond to provide the best level of service that she could to the organisation and employees within it. She is a natural leader and has experience of enabling change at the organisation, team and individual levels.

    Karen Callaghan People Director – innocent Drinks
  • Sally has been an incredible management support to me, specifically through the coaching sessions she's lead on both my personal and professional development. She's also provided the challenge I need from a manager to help me improve the way I partner. Coaching is clearly Sal's strength. -Sally is a calm voice of reason, her depth of people knowledge and experience shines through and makes every interaction a pleasure; this has been really valuable as part of the people lead team and her ability to drill down to get to the crux of the insight is incredible. -Sal's best qualities are her openness and collaborative nature, it never feels like you're asking a silly question or that your input is not considered. She encourages challenge and has a good balance of pragmatism.

    Lena Tailor Head of Talent – innocent Drinks
  • I have loved working with you over the years, you have made such an important and natural contribution to the development of the business and the many hundreds of people whose development you have helped shape. I was also always very grateful for your ability to take the temperature of the business or a specific team and help guide us to where and what action was needed.  You were innocent through and through and that is the best accolade I can give you – thank you, you will be missed and I do hope our paths cross again.

    Douglas Lamont CEO - innocent Drinks