Embedding organisational behaviour change


As a world leading producer of premium cars, innovation, inspiring design and engineering integrity enable Jaguar Land Rover to give their customers experiences they love for life – anticipating and exceeding their needs and expectations. As we enter the most profound, fast-moving industrial revolution in history, with ever-more discerning customers, these challenges require all 40,000 employees to be passionate and engaged in the company’s vision.

To attract, retain and motivate such a workforce, JLR must create an experience that inspires their employees to consistently put customers first. This requires everyone – from senior leaders to entry level apprentices – to think and act with shared purpose and principles.


Through the analysis of 250,000 customer insights, we helped discover that great experiences of JLR were overwhelmingly dependent upon five key Customer First Principles. These inspire both their customers’ expectations and the behaviours the company needs to demonstrate in order to meet them. To ensure this experience is delivered consistently, these principles must be the foundation stone of JLR’s culture.

Through working sessions, training and development, internal communications and changes to key business processes and systems, local functions and teams are being empowered to find ways to integrate the Customer First Principles and make them relevant at a local level, helping to embed them within key corporate, functional and employee systems and processes such as the way JLR recruits.


The Customer First Principles project is about building a culture that is consistently personalised, dependable, easy to do business with, transparent and makes people feel really special.

The Customer First Principles will transform the way JLR delivers their programmes and projects, how they recognise and reward success, how they challenge and give feedback. As a result JLR will become a better place to work, with far higher engagement levels and increased motivation as they build a stronger culture together. In turn, their capacity to deliver on time, on budget and with the quality that their customers deserve will be transformed.

  • Charlie trained the senior leadership team of our Special Operations division to facilitate their own immersion workshops with their employees around our Customer First Principles. This is part of an organisation wide cultural change programme to really embed our customer first principles and achieve our ambitions. Feedback received directly from the delegates show that he was extremely knowledgeable on the subject (both the content of the training and the skills) and a very engaging facilitator, able to successfully deliver the training objectives and inspire the leadership team to play their part in the programme.

    Steph Tallent Senior Organisation Capability Consultant, Human Resources, Jaguar Land Rover